We run fun and energetic IRish dance ‘bootcamp’ classes where you learn some basic Irish dance steps and dances with the aim of boosting your fitness (or sometimes less for fitness and more for fun!).
Classes are available for all ages and fitness levels and As all of the steps needed are basic and will be broken down in class there is NO PREVIOUS DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

So whether you danced when you were younger, can do a few 123’s, or have never danced but always wanted to try, then here is your chance to learn a few steps while getting some exercise in.
The classes are instructed by qualified teacher Mark Hennessey (who has previously toured globally with Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames and Celtic Tiger) and has 15 years of teaching experience both in Ireland and around the globe.
Classes include warm up, guided stretching, and lots of dancing to all your favourite dance tunes and cheesy throwbacks (with some great irish music thrown in the mix for the craic). multiple options and difficulty levels are demonstrated so you can choose your own pace.
Lower energy team building and party workshops are also available for those who want to have some fun, learn a few dances but break less of a sweat!


Irish Dance Bootcamp is partnered with the European Irish Music Ensemble & IrishDanceClass.ie and can provide multiple experiences including live performances for audiences that prefer to relax and watch the entertainment from the comfort of their seat.
we also run bootcamps and workshop classes nationally and internationally for experienced dancers covering traditional steps as well as fully choreographed show routines. For more information get in touch.